About Circle City



You’ve accessed the web home of Circle City, one of the leading online marketing firms focusing on the region of the Pacific Northwest. With technology being a big part of all of our lives here, much of our marketing has left the paper and the real world and has entered the virtual realm.

Who is Circle City?

Of course, we don’t expect you to trust us without explaining to you who we are and how we got started.

One thing that makes Circle City such a unique company is that none of us got training or education in marketing. We were all San Francisco startup tech burnouts who were tired of the scene and the grind of working at startup companies.

In the wake of a combined decade of working for startups, we decided as a group of friends to try to head in a different direction. We weren’t exactly sure what we should do, but we realized that the marketing world was using heavily outdated techniques to try to reach an audience that was no longer receptive to those methods.

As a result, we realized that it was our calling to meld technology and marketing together in order to make a stronger and more cohesive pair. We started by working with search engines on the internet with a marketing tactic now known as search engine optimization.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. We’ve been striving to find out new and improved ways of getting a product or service out to people and making it look good.

How to use this site

This site provides free information and opinions on how to handle marketing in a successful way in this ever changing and fast paced world. You can take the advice or you can leave it. However, we’ll still keep putting out content!